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nestor Flyer

nestor Flyer (2018)
nestor Flyer 2014 (PDF, 11MB, Not barrier-free file.)

nestor Memorandum

This memorandum is based on the work and experience of project partners, on contributions from scientists, a survey in German archives, libraries and museums and on the ideas of a public discussion in the Federal Archive in Koblenz in February 2006. 18 principles in the attached memorandum built a German "Long-term preservation policy" in the areas of "Responsibility for long-term preservation of digital information," "Selection, availability and access", "Technical measures" and "Networking and professionalisation".

German Version : nestor Memorandum - Deutsche Version (PDF, 148KB, Not barrier-free file.)
English Version : nestor Memorandum - Englische Version (PDF, 88KB, Not barrier-free file.)
Dutch Version : nestor Memorandum - Niederländische Version (PDF, 43KB, Not barrier-free file.)


Our Flash-Presentation illustrates the complex of problems associated with Long-term preservation:
nestor-Präsentation: Error404

An interactive presentation illustrates the concept and work routine of the kopal-archive system:

wePreserve featured the following cartoons of the "Team Digital Preservation"
Digital Preservation and Nuclear Disaster
Team Digital Preservation and the Aeroplane Disaster
Team Digital Preservation and the Deadly Cryptic Conundrum
Team Digital Preservation and the Planets Testbed

The Library of Congress offers several videoclips on various aspect of long-term preservation:
Videoclips - Library of Congress

Together the British Library and PLANETS have produced a video on long-term-preservation of digitized newspaper collections:
Preserving the British Librarys C19 Newspaper Collection with Planets

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